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Integration Nintex Workflow 2010 und Projekt Server 2010

17 Februar 2010

Gerade eine Information von Eden Stafford von Nintex erhalten. Die neue Version vom Nintex Workflow (2010) wird ebenfalls alle Vorteile von dem Tool für den neuen Project Server 2010 anbieten!

Anbei ein Ausschnitt aus der eMail:

  • Offers a no code workflow design experience to Project Server 2010 users
  • Workflows can be designed and status on tasks viewed from within Project Web Access
  • Users will be able to associate workflows with Enterprise Project Types for a more flexible and complete Project Lifecycle Management experience– Create – Select – Plan – Close.
  • Enables users to track progress and accountability of project approvals and milestones
  • Specific Project Server workflow activities will be offered in the workflow designer toolbox alongside the full range of Nintex Workflow 2010 actions (80 + actions) which support advanced integration with other line of business systems via web services, Microsoft BizTalk and Microsoft SQL

Es bleibt spannend!

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